July 17, 2014


Today was a day that from the moment I woke up I was on the move.  I constantly was in the middle of three things simultaneously all the while caring for my two daughters.  And my husband.

Three loads of laundry; switching the loads and folding them, lugging them up and down the stairs.
Put all folded loads of laundry away.
Changed our sheets.
Fed baby.
Fed V.
Washed bottles.
Called doctor to find an urgent care facility for my husband to treat his poison ivy/made an appt for my physical.
Ran to Staples, my mother's new house to take a pic for a craigslist ad, AC Moore, the post office.
Trashed/recycled/donated goods.
Hung pictures/decor on the wall.
Worked on an ad for the Boston Design Guide while holding baby and submitted said ad.
Had a personal design project printed.
Kept house clean.
Did fifteen loads of dishes.
Fed baby.
Fed V.
Washed bottle.
Washed dishes.
Changed ten diapers.
Exercised. With Vienna with monitor going, ready to have to stop at any moment to feed baby. Completed exercise.
Fed baby.
Fed V.
Showered.  With Vienna.
Ran back to Staples. With both girls.
Assembled a birthday gift.
Packed for beach tomorrow in Newport.  Packed car.
Rocked baby to sleep.
Stayed on diet.
Wrote blog.

Instead of feeling like the goddamn martyr for dedicating one of [all of] my days to running around like a circus clown and getting no real thank you from anyone- I just feel good.  I love owning my day; owning my list of crap; slapping the list in the trash when it's complete and high five-ing myself all the way to my beloved wine glass.

I win...  And so does everyone else that I live with cause they have me and I rock.