April 7, 2014

moo moo musings

As a woman of short stature and a naturally curvy/athletic physique, being 31 weeks pregnant does things to your body you can't ever be prepared for, even it's the second pregancy.  I swear if I jumped, my boobs would smack me in the chin (my third chin, to be exact).  Not that I could jump, as my ankles would buckle under the pressure and my knees are no where to be found.  Getting in and out of my car is a comedy show, as is getting into and out of my jeans.  "Skinny" jeans by Gap Maternity.  It's an oxymoron at best, but I do what I can to keep up.

Really, I should be wearing Nico's old button down shirts, stretchy pants and flip flops.  But today, I sit here in my skinny jeans, a ruched black flowy top and a cropped long sleeve sweater.  I have my mint green patent loafers on and I dried my hair today.  In the Realm of Pregnancy, I'm legit r o c k i n g it.  Bet your ass the second I get home these jeans are going back in the drawer and I'll assume my regularly scheduled uniform of sweats.  Aka, I'll be able to breathe fully for the first time since my morning PJs.  (A big thank you to my co-worker who randomly told me I look beautiful today.  I love you.)

No matter how we try, I feel like it's safe to say that 95% of pregnant women need a little positive reinforcement.  EVEN IF we thank you and shrug it off like we don't believe you.  ESPECIALLY if that's how we respond.  It's hard to have the latent self image of your typically fit body literally consumed by the reflection in the mirror.  It's for a great cause, we're happy to do it, we accept the effects that making babies does to our bodies, but women are generally magnificent creatures and it's part of our cognitive make up to work diligently to maintain that.

If you're a husband/partner, you must make your woman absolutely sure that your eyes are still only for her.  Cankles and all.  Every day, at least once: you love her, she's gorgeous, hug her, kiss her forehead.. any one of these will do.  When Nico makes those little gestures, I notice.  I notice that he's making that conscious effort, I notice that he's taking a moment to give something important to me, I notice that he makes that moment about reassuring me that he's with me.

Another note/safety precaution for all partners of pregnancy alike- my way of coping with my insecurities is by using self deprecating humor- not sure if you've caught on at this point.  That is MINE and mine only.  Once, poor Nico hopped on the bandwagon and used one of my lines in reference to what I was going to wear a wedding (hint: it involved the word moo-moo) and I nearly lost my shit.  I was utterly heart broken.  He was just joking, thought it was a safe quip to make as normally laughing at myself is something I by default end up doing on a daily basis and it was a simple mistake.  Learn from his mistake if you can.  This is not one of those things you want to try at home, kids.

In summation- being pregnant is wonderful and challenging in many ways.  Yada yada yada, we still need to know that we're the hot piece of ass you couldn't live without, had to marry, and CLEARLY could NEVER live without.  And if you ever say that there's 'more of us to love' you're gonna die.