5 Minutes Peace

Visual Therapy

I have nothing to do with the creation of this artwork.  But I love it.  And with 5 Minutes Peace, all I want to do is google Marimekko and mentally redesign Vienna's bedroom and my whole house with these Finnish Textile Designs.

Marimekko, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...

[airy, arie, fresh & so clean]


[color blocking = organized decor = utopia]


[I could stare for hours]

You can find these designs and more at http://us.marimekko.com


So, I have this constant desire to see book bindings organized by their color.  Most normal people organize their libraries by genre, author, or have their books alphebetized in one way or another.  Not this mama.  If I need to find I book, I have to picture the cover art in my mind, recall the color of the binding and head to that specific shelf.  
Out in the world I often analyze a person by their modes of organization.  It is rather obvious to me how a person's brain is mapped out and compartmentalized by how they prefer their environments to feel and look.  This painting reminds me that chaos is beautiful too.

This is a 36" x 36" x 1.50" canvas painting.  It graces our office/living area and pulls the decor together and I love it every time I look at it.  I would love an excuse to paint another.


A few years ago I was obsessed with this color and every cousin, sister and aunt in this color family.  It felt and remains to suggest warm skin, tangy thai curry, autumn sunset, and harvest moon.  This marigold goes with the whispy greys of the season along with easy decorator's khaki.  If you're daring, like me, you can place items with this strong tone against deep sapphire blue- the blue that's deep as navy whilst reflecting the energy of royal blue.  Enjoy with relish.

Moroccan Lattice!  
The newest addition to the gallery.


I made this for Vienna's room.  It hangs above her changing table and across the room from her crib so when she can hold herself up and stand, this is what she'll see.