April 26, 2011

Naughty Laundry?

Oh, hello iPhone.

I need to figure out how this thing works, especially when it comes to the blog. I think I already have carpal tunnel from Angry Birds. This device is like a whole new world and I'm Jasmine on the flying carpet right now. Except that would make Nico Alladdin and I'm not too sure if that's a good thing. Doesn't really cohere with the bad boy boxer image I fell for, and frankly if he started talking to throw rugs I'd be a bit concerned.

Nico's been more of my, oh, I don't know... Prince Trifecta. Peculiar description but it is apt and I shall explain. He is the daddy, the breadwinner during my maternity leave, and my hot husband. Keeping the spark, ensuring ample time for mommy/daddy "catch up" has been fantastic. Catch my drift?

Such dirty laundry to air in public, I know, but it must be said. Post-baby you have to make sure to be together and perpetuate the chemistry that made that baby in the first place. If not, you're just two roomates raising a child. I most certainly could have raised a baby with my best girlfriend: our house would have been fabulously decorated, we'd communicate swimmingly, and with our wardrobes combined we could rule the world.  Plus I'd have one baby she'd have the other.  Hmmm.... wait, nevermind.  There would be one major component missing. The sexy time component.

I suppose the time has come when dirty laundry is just plain old naughty laundry, but if this key element to a marriage is ignored, then the whole foundation cracks.  And the baby deserves parents to be made happy by one another.  The baby deserves the world, and there is nothing healthier than a mommy and a daddy who enjoy their time together after the little nugget falls to sleep.

I'm just sayin.

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