May 11, 2011

A Willing Sacrifice

Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.  Decisions must be made when the lesser of two evils is selected and hopefully embraced.  Needless to say, with such mind-making comes choices you must live with.

Sacrifices, decisions, mind-making... Choices.

We all make them.  And they generally come in small sizes, like, to exercise and have a normal dinner or not to exercise but have brussels sprouts and wine.  Is it worth it to sacrifice my future fine ass for a relaxing tasty adult beverage (three and a half relaxing tasty adult beverages)?  I had to make that very difficult call tonight, but have to say- this wine is fabulous.  It goes tremendously with Sex and the City.

Oh, Sex and the City.  My girlfriends from college (and for life, I'm lucky to add) have dispersed across the Eastern Seaboard, but when I'm in need of them sometimes this show can superimpose them into my living room.  It's been helpful in a pinch.

And, oh, Sex and the City.  I'm sitting here with my wine, the monitor on- no buzzing red lights in sight, watching the episode where they go to the opening of the new night club Bed and I'm reminded of my time living in New York when I'm at Bed.  Such a different time.  Such a different time.  Thin.  Early twenties.  Cash money burning holes in my designer demi bags.  A point.  I have a point.

Do I?  Well, I guess my point, nay, my declaration, is that life's minor to exercise or not to exercise choices and life's major to stay in NYC or to move home choices all come together- the universe universally conspiring to bring every sacrificial lamb type choice and every momentous instinct type choice together to form your life.

I sit here thinking about where my life would be- who I would be- if I stayed in New York.  And I think I'd be happy.  I'd also be happy if I exercised tonight and nixed the wine.  But- sometimes there is a sacrifice to be made.  I sacrificed that life and moved home to mend broken promises and fix a few things.  That brought me Nico and Vienna.

I drank wine tonight and didn't exercise.  It was indeed a sacrifice.  But, I was willing.  And I'm very happy.

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