December 1, 2011

Oh, the joys.

This is why I only work part time.  Because if Pish gets sick, I'm here.

I've been home since Tuesday because Vienna has had the throw up virus that's going around.  Which has been awesome.  Poor kid just doesn't understand why she's so miserable.  For a baby who typically eats like a champ, she's just not that interested.  Pushes her bottle and sippy cup away- I even put apple juice in it which I very rarely do, and nothin'.

That's not the only thing going on with the Nugmeister.  Her stuffy/runny (you explain to me how it's remotely possible for that to occur simultaneously) that I've have to turkey baste about 8 times a day is just now finally going away.  This started on Thanksgiving... a week ago.  It's been real.

Oh, and when she does finally have a dirty diaper it's mindblowingly messy.  How does something that little and dimply and cute like her bum make that much of an effect on the cleanliness of the rest of her body and everything around her?

Vienna has had four baths in the past two and a half days.  I look like a homeless person.

I am always in fast forward, with projects developing and work and cleaning and showering, I'm Johnny on the spot; gettin' it done.  But the past few days have put my personal hygiene into a regression.  You'd think that I'd be in the shower right now but with the rare five minutes peace I have while she naps, I'm deciding to turn on my Pandora and do this.  It's therapeutic.  I'm even on the couch.

I guess it's appropriate that I look like this because with the amount of laundry I have to do combined with my condos fabulous coin-op laundry (WHAT was I thinking?), I'm going to have to go panhandle to gather the quarters necessary to tackle that job.

If you feel sympathetic, I'll be standing at the intersection of rte. 140 and Pond Street with a collection cup and a sign that says "I have puke all over myself and it's not from drinking.  Please Help."  Quarters only please.

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