March 4, 2012

Insider trading?

I don't care.  She was probably just preemptively figuring out what her portfolio was going to hold so she could organize it beautifully.  Presentation is everything anyways, right?

Martha Stewart makes clutter and crap look purposeful and elemental in decor.  No easy task.  In our small condo the constant influx of new toys and items demands perpetual reorganizing and reevaluating of current storage systems.  Also, no easy task.

And because of this, I thank Martha Stewart for creating ways for me to accomplish this in my home in ways that please me aesthetically.  Thank you.
Just bought these chalkboard labels for my new clear glass dry baking ingredient jars in my newly organized cabinets.  I must say, I do feel a sense of self satisfaction every time I open them.  

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