March 7, 2012

Pish's Winter One*derland!

You're invited...
front of invitation
back of invitation
Last month was Vienna's first birthday.  Some said I went a little "overboard" but Lil' Miss Pish had quite a one-derful day.   Lots of lovely people attended and we would have had more if our condo had expanding walls!  The invitations were the spring board.  As soon as I finished the design on them, I went ballistic.  It was a snowflake frenzy up in here.
I started prepping for this party two months in advance.  I knew my free time was a hopeless commodity and I also took into consideration that every winter based decor item was flying off the shelves on sale.  It was the perfect time to plan a winter wonderland party.  
I wanted to showcase how much she's changed in the past 12 months, so inspired by a month-by-month frame we received as a gift and by a Christmas card display my mom used this past season, I gift wrapped a large painting in our dining room and pasted pics of the growing nugget.
The paper snow flakes I made took many a late night hour, but they were elemental in the Winter Onederland party theme and went every where!  I also used tissue paper poms and Christmas garlands all over the house.  
The banners were so fun.  Picking paper and drawing and cutting out the shapes took lots of time, but the result was fabulous.  My hand is still cramped, but it hurts to be beautiful.

Happy First Birthday!
Vienna's Winter Onederland!
I made the sugar cookies... slaved.  Premixed dry ingredient bag and a god sent snowflake shaped cookie pan.  Only had one- had to bake these bad boys in batches.  Say that three times fast.  Did you know they have spray paint for cookies?!  I bought the silver and tagged everything edible that day.  The things they have these days...
I made these pastry stands!  Bought sturdy, funky goblets, flipped them upside down and hot-glue gunned plates to the the stem.  Chic, cheap, chaaaaah!

How often do you order a huge party cake for a million dollars and are left with 70% of it post-party?  It either ends up in the dump or adding junk to the trunk.  Not satisfactory.
Cupcakes are the clear solution.  I had my mom make confetti cupcakes and I frosted, decorated them and ever so lovingly placed the snowflake cupcake toppers [that I made] on top.  We then put them on a lovely cupcake stand fit for a snow princess.  The take out containers took care of left-over distribution minus paper plates and diabolical plastic wrap.  Done and done. 
To make the cupcake stand look like Onederland castle, I wrapped paper towel rolls with scrapbook paper and blinged them out with rhinestones, glitter and paper snowflakes.
Smash cakes are supposed to be chocolate so that when the child destroys it, the chocolate gets everywhere and the mess becomes a masterpiece.  Well.  Not in this house.  Not only do we all know the panic that type of disaster would put me in, but Pish takes these ladylike little bites hardly making much of a mess any way.  I went with a pink strawberry smash cake with white frosting, speckled with coconut to add a snowy effect and topped it off with white chocolate snowflakes I made from the favor pop chocolate.  I just melted chocolate, poured it into a baggie, snipped a corner and drizzled out a few snowflakes.  Voila!
We decorated a white christmas tree with pink and silver glittery decorations and, of course, with snowflakes.
Notice the high chair skirt??? :)  Tulle and ribbon is really all you ever need when you have a little girl.  I stapled sparkly snowflakes to the hanging tule.  
 Daddy made a beautiful video of Vienna's first year that we played during the party.  Little weepy, I can't lie.  I pretended to take out the trash.  I get awkward when I feel emotional in front of people.
Vienna had a lovely time playing with her amazing new toys, friends and family.
For me??!

 Making the snowflake pop favors was fun but working with melted chocolate requires a type of finesse that requires practice.  Practice I didn't have before, practice I have now.  Place your orders!  Making the favor tags is something I can do, no problem.  A lil' snowflake stamp, a tag punch, some ink and lots of bling...


Someone was a very happy birthday girl!
Thanks to the aunty Shannon for taking lots of great pictures!  
Pish's day was One*derful!! Thanks to all who were there to add to the sparkle!
Have to have thank-yous that match the invites!  Any self-respecting toddler knows that.  Vienna would like to thank her mother's obsessive compulsions. 
The end.

p.s.  Feel free to contact me with any party planning questions or requests. 

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