February 9, 2014

tricky treat.

In trying to make up for my loose caloric parameters during pregnancy in general- ie. allowing the stock french fries side instead of requesting the salad substitute with my meals- I've been making a valiant effort to make healthy choices.  I've been using the Bar Method Pregnancy DVD along with my Fluidity (ballet) Bar.  I've been doing my best to manage portion sizes.

Thankfully, this pregnancy allows me to actually eat healthy foods.  When I was pregnant with Vienna, all I could eat were tater tots, subs and chicken fingers.  It was fun but riddled with miserable consequences.  My ass was huge, my arms were bulky.  I looked like a linebacker.  In her broken English, Nico's grandmother told me at my baby shower, "From the front, it looks like [you're having a] girl.  From the back?  Boy."  Which was awesome.  

I vowed when I got pregnant second time around that I'd carry like Kourtney Kardashian- little body and baby belly.  Not so much- I still look like a line backer, but I'm hoping with my exercise habits and relatively healthy food choices that when it comes to drop the baby weight it'll be a bit easier this time.  I am 30.  Everyone says it'll be harder now, so every bit of effort I make has got to help.  For the love.

Or so I tell myself now.  I'll keep you posted.

Anything pumpkin and chai to me is a treat.  So I made myself a little pumpkin chai smoothie tonight.  A healthy one.  I'm tricking myself.

1/2 cup    Pumkin Puree
1/4 tsp     Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp     Chai Spice
1 TBSP   Agave
1 1/2 cup Almont Milk

Yum.  Happy 23 weeks to me!

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