February 11, 2014

thirty going on about three

A word to the wise.

Just because your child may be verbal beyond their developmental age doesn't mean that they are mature beyond their developmental age.  Vienna blows us away everyday with the things that come out of her mouth.  She picks up everything she hears and then spits it out in a contextually correct manner days later seemingly out of the blue. 

She knows which words are bad (no thanks to me) and she reminds me of such every time I let one rip.  Accidentally, of course.  She understands how to use 'why' (like most toddlers) but can also subsequently use 'because' with an appropriate explanation after.  ("V, can I kiss your toes?" I asked, to which she replies, "No."  "Why?" "Because I'm standing on them."  Seems logical to me.)  She picks up sequences, lists of things to do, how to do them.  She'll hear a funny line on a commercial ("Nap time is calling my NAME!") and then apply it on another day in another location when she's feeling tired.  She turned 3 two weeks ago.

I may just be her mother, but I think that's impressive stuff.  We're not even discussing how my father taught her which president is depicted on each dollar and the value of that dollar.  "Washington is on the one... Franklin is on the hundred."  She's a bright kid.

So when she "uncharacteristically" acts like an a-hole by throwing a temper tantrum in a grocery store or at dinner at someones home, I am totally and utterly beyond frustrated with her lack of control.  What is wrong with you, dude?  Get in the game.

I was scrolling one day on my newsfeed on Facebook and saw something to the effect of "just because your kid is smart beyond their age doesn't mean they are mature beyond their age."  I scrolled down to see if there was an added clause for husbands.

I keed.

I don't know- it was a giant pearl of wisdom for me.  I hold her to such a high standard due to her typically very decent, well mannered behavior.  And I can get so pissed off when she acts, well... three.

She's a baby.  My baby.  And in my house will always be required to act like a decent human being.  But I have to remember that she can only be that which she is equipped to be- and right now that is three years old.  I need to be what I am equipped to be, which is a thirty year old parent with a solid understanding of the developmental stages of our species, and give my daughter the space to be just that.

Happy Third Birthday, V! xoxo

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