March 4, 2014

my girl

I kid all the time about the 'intrigues' of three year old behavior- I even recently reposted a blog post titled, "Three-Year-Olds Are Assholes."  It was funny, on point, and written by a mom who obviously loves her children.  She's also honest.  

I've tried to make it my business to stay honest about being a mother and a wife.  You grow up and inherit romanticized ideas about being in a life-long relationship and the joys of motherhood.  The chore list, bills and braxton hicks contractions are somehow edited into the fine print.  If they make it there at all.

Living a blessed life with an adorable, handsome husband and an adorable, precocious daughter I go to bed at night giggling about Vienna's pigtails or catching Nico flexing in the mirror.  But I also go to bed praying that today wasn't the last day that I have them in my life.  Please, God/universe/karma/whoeverYouare, please let me keep them with me.  Forever will do.  But I'll take anything, I guess.

Our love for V is gut wrenching in the happiest of ways and for all the joking I do about the trials of raising a toddler [while pregnant] it's important that I also praise her for being a sweet, bright, loving little girl who tries diligently to be a good girl and make us happy.  She does more than she'll ever know.


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