July 5, 2011

Catch you on the flip side. We're going on a stay-cation.

Lesson learned.  My husband and I attempted to whisk our little family away to Newport for the Fourth of July weekend and need a vacation from vacation.

Apparently with an infant, you must pack as much crap for a one night stay as you'd need for a week.  Or two.  Not only that, but we have a schedule to uphold here.  If little miss Via Maria misses her nap then her whole day is thrown off.  She is so happy and lovable and it's my job to protect that.  With a five month old, the best protection is healthy sleep and routine eating and play habits.

What else... Beach?  Not likely.  I'd be walking into a living nightmare with all of our baby stuff peppered with sand.  She gets hot then sweaty then nudgie then fussy and so I become stressed out.  She needs shade which requires an umbrella.  She needs blankets, a place to sleep, diapers, food- which requires a cooler... Ya, no.  That's not vacation for the mommy.  You'd find mommy in the beach Port-a-Potty chugging Corona's to calm the nerves.  We attempted the pool but minus the sand it's the same story.  So... much... shit.

If I were going to a vacation home where I had summer versions of my real life baby gear, then I'd be singing a different tune.  But I wasn't and so I'm not.  It's also hard to go away on a family vacation when the family is big.  The up-side is there are many hands to love and help.  The down side is being pulled in a bunch of different directions when the only direction I'm accustomed to moving in is where ever Vienna needs to go.  I came off like a baby nazi.  So rigid and hard, overwhelmed at times.  But I could feel Vienna's system unraveling due to the heat and ass backwards schedule.

By the time we decided to leave, we had to repack all our stuff, re-load the car and re-drive home.  And then, cue horror movie music, we had to unpack.  After vacation, people are supposed to come home relaxed and ready for the world.  I, on the other hand, was walking around like I needed a swipe of Desitin on my diaper rash.  I was salty, tired and so over the amount of cleaning and reorganizing I had to do.

Alas, a stay-cation is all we need.  Baby is happy in her usual routine with her toys, mommy is happy knowing that baby is happy and no unpacking is necessary, and daddy is happy cause, well, I'm happy and not up his ass about being unhappy.  See?  We all win on stay-cation.

                                             Happy at home.  After we unpacked.

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